Jumat, 29 Agustus 2014

Opor ayam food tradisional indonesia

Opor ayam food tradisional indonesia - While the happiest, of course, we did not want to disappoint relatives are present, neighbors, business associates and even, to spoil the special Eid dish menu. Because we know, within the natural chicken meat has a flavor that is savory and delicious.

So it will be very tempting, if the chicken is processed with special spice blend. Opor chicken is one of the preparations made ​​from chicken meat is very popular in indoneisia. Opor own chickens in Indonesia has become one of the specialties of the archipelago. At every family gathering, formal event, or non-official, Opor yellow chicken is a mainstay in the diet to be the event.


Kamis, 28 Agustus 2014

Durian pancakes with butter cream flavor

Durian pancakes with butter cream flavor - Pancakes have flavors and shapes. So also with in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the pancakes have many kind favored by Indonesian society. The variation was already quite diverse, such as changing the look with a colorful rainbow or modification flavored whipped cream into strawberry, chocolate, cheese and others.

If you happen to live or food enthusiast or have ever been to Medan, must have felt the delicacy of the cake on this one. Lots of pancakes taste durian cake that has been sold and is known for its delicacy, like pancakes Amabasador Durian, Durian Pancake Pancake Depok or fisherman.


5 Type new Food this week

5 Type new Food this week - You currently do have to know a lot about the new dishes in the year 2014 in the month of August to be exact, so you can create a new innovation in cooking. Well if you are interested in developing further cooking, and which I will present this time is a new food at least this week.

If there is among you who like to cook then fitted to listen to all the dishes we present discussion. But if do not like cooking for just want to know and add insight about the cooking then it is also very nice and allowed only.


Indonesian Food Most Popular Most Delicious

Indonesian Food Most Popular Most Delicious - Do you know about Indonesian cuisine, perhaps of you who still do not know much because Indonesian cuisine are not many outsiders know. Actually, Indonesian cuisine has so many kinds that you should try to feel. Because it was very tasty Indonesian cuisine and it is definitely good example just like fried rice, chicken Opor and many others.

Indeed happen outside Indonesia there are only few who sells fried rice, meatballs and more. So if you who have never eaten Indonesian cuisine then obliged to come to Indonesia in order to eat the food that is very steady and very tasty. I myself really like to eat Indonesian cuisine and nearly every day takes its cuisine such as fried rice for instance, capcay, especially with beef meatballs.